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  1. Season Official Start is on 26.02.2023 Sunday, s. Ljubanci.
  2. Gamedays will be organized every 2 weeks and only on Sundays.
  3. Membership for 2023 will be 3000.00 den., and has to be paid before or on the first gameday that the member will visit.
  4. New visitors can come to try out the game only ONCE. On the next game, they will pay 300 den entry and have to bring their own equipment.
  5. The new visitor can become Prospect by paying for club’s membership. After he pays, he won’t have to pay the entry fee for visiting a gameday.
  6. If a visitor wants to become a member, he has to be sent to the club’s president, or (the VP), or (any FIRST5 member) for a briefing on what he needs to do or if it is possible at that moment.
  7. The FIRST 5 founding members decide on a vote when and if a Prospect can become a Member. No one else can accept people in the club or promise them that they will be accepted.
  8. On a gameday mix with another club, special rules will apply and those will be posted before the event.
  9. At this moment, the club is NOT renting equipment. Every Member or Prospect has to have his own equipment. Visitors need to be supplied with equipment by their sponsor (the person that brought them).
  10. Visitors have to be announced 3 days before gameday. If you plan to bring someone new, inform the club’s president on time.

Additional information for the 2023 plans and activities will be announced in another post.

Live long and prosper. 🖖

Dickolas Cage

Unemployed at Blackwater Descent Airsoft Club.